The moment we've been working so hard for has finally arrived and it's time to show the finished film! The DC International Fantastic Film Showcase is a 4-day event at the AFI SIlver Theater located in Silver Spring, Maryland and they have graciously hosted us as their headliner on the night of Sunday, June 5th. Writer/director Jay Spence will be there for a Q&A session with the audience along with many members of the cast and crew!

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Post Production

It's been a long road of post production in 2015 but, in 2016, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as we look forward to a Spring screening followed by a year-long film festival tour.

The film has gone through multiple cuts as we strive to have the strongest possible version of the film but the cut is now complete! Our friends at STUDIO UNKNOWN are now picking up where we left off with a perfected 5.1 surround sound mix of the audio while our visual effects artist completes the greenscreen shots for our interior vehicle scenes. These will be just about the only digital effects you'll see in the film since the gun-play and gore effects were all done practically on-set.

FANGORIA Reveals An Exclusive First-Look At The Trailer

Fangoria, the authority on horror for over 30 years, has posted an exclusive story revealing the very first trailer and poster for the film. We'd like to thank Fangoria for their hospitality and we invite you to check out the article HERE.