Win and Multiple Nominations from IHMA

We took home a surprise WIN for "Best Humor" and it's strangely appropriate... 

I never considered YOU'RE F@#K'N DEAD! to be a comedy and I'm sure most audiences wouldn't either, but I still take a lot of pride in the award simply because of what it tells me about the writing and directing. This film was written primarily as a serious "true-life" horror tale (with a supernatural twist) because the core of the story was meant to feel dangerous and real for audiences. The fine line between serious horror and "grindhouse" fun was something I paid close attention to during all stages of the production. Humor is actually the hardest element to get right no matter what kind of movie you're making and a filmmaker is never truely sure if they're getting it right until audiences see it. My intention was for the main characters to feel grounded in reality but also sometimes experience horror in a way that audiences could still find humorous when viewed from the safety of their couch. I also attempted to create humor through editing and I'm always happy to hear when those calculated moments resonate with audiences. For these reasons, I'm incredibly flattered to receive this award because it means the writing "worked" and the careful balance of the film's "tone" isn't going unnoticed.

In addition to our win, YFD also received nominee honors for "Best Feature", "Best Nudity" and "Best Actor" for Gary-Kayi Fletcher's solid performance.