Two sisters take a wrong turn and find themselves in a strange, forgotten town not found on any map. When the sisters discover the town's true, dark nature, they become targets, fithing for their souls against an evil that will never let them leave.
YOU'RE F@#K'N DEAD! is an modern, action/horror "grindhouse" homage , produced by Seek Pictures, Big Damn Films and Golden Tiger productions. The film is currently touring the 2016-2017 film festival season on its way to worldwide distribution.


The film started its journey in 2012 as a script being written at just the right place and time when it fell into the hands of producer Corey Williams (now formally of Golden Tiger Productions). By 2013, the film had gone live on Kickstarter and began raising some of its funds for the shoot beginning later that same year. From 2014 to 2016, the film went through a rigorous, time-consuming post-production process where editing, sound design, and color grading were all done entirely by the writer/director, Jay Spence who prefers to be "hands-on" with his films as much as possible. 

"Filmmaking is always a group effort, but, as a filmmaker, I also feel a responsibility to infuse as much of myself as possible into the finished film. For me, that means fully submersing myself into the post-production process so I am familiar with every cut and every piece of sound the audience will eventually see and hear on screen." -Jay Spence