What is “grindhouse”?

“Grindhouse” is a fairly loose term for a style of film that has since evolved over many decades. The name comes from small, independent theaters that originally offered provocative live entertainment and eventually shifted to showing small budget genre films as an alternative to larger theater chains that featured the “glossy”, more popular Hollywood stories. While Hollywood had very strict standards on how sex, drugs, and violence were depicted on screen, grindhouse (or “exploitation”) films were made to entertain those people who wanted something “edgier”. These filmmakers were the “outlaws” of the film community, offering their audiences action and sexuality that was scarce at the time, eventually paving the way for the modern R-rated films people watch today. In the modern film world, the extreme elements that made up “grindhouse” are no longer taboo for most film fans, but the term now holds a fun and nostalgic connotation.

Why make a film in the “grindhouse” style?

Due to the efforts of modern filmmakers with a fondness for “grindhouse”, recent movies like Pulp Fiction, Death Proof, Planet Terror and Hobo With a Shotgun have re-introduced the fun and extreme style of “grindhouse”. Similar to these other modern films, YOU'RE F@#K'N DEAD! is a hybrid of new and old. YOU'RE F@#K'N DEAD! emulates the look and feel of old “grindhouse” films in order to help tell the story, but we do this with a balance of modern technology and old-school techniques. Our goal is to tell a wild and fun story, featuring colorful characters and visceral action, using a vintage appearance that becomes a character unto itself.

Where can I see the film?

We are currently touring the 2016-2017 film festival circuit where we hope to spread the word and make a lot of fans. At the same time, we're also searching for the right distribution company that will work with us to provide DVD's, Blu-rays and video-on-demand through your favorite streaming sites like Netflix. Stay tuned to the website or follow us on FACEBOOK to learn when we annoucne these release dates.

How do I keep in touch with the film and receive updates?

That’s an easy one. You could try to remember to visit this site on a regular basis or have the news brought directly to your eyes by joining our FACEBOOK page or following the writer/director on TWITTER. We like friends!

Is it "YOU'RE DEAD!" or "YOU'RE F@#K'N DEAD!"?

Well I guess it depends on when you last visited the website. The original title of the film has always included the expletive but, for ease of promotion and those of you with delicate ears, the title was shortened for a period of time until we were ready to once again present the film in its full f@#k’n glory. The official title is YOU'RE F@#K'N DEAD! and we hope it stays that way because the outrageous title is fitting in representing the outrageous story we aim to tell. And yes, it's typically in ALL CAPS.